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"Despina provided a really good and friendly service. She gave me plenty of time and advice to help me choose. I am really pleased with my choice and I have had lots of compliments from family and friends. Thank you once again for the excellent service."

Mr Savvas Savva, April 2016


"Thank you for a fabulous pair of glasses. Great selection of frames. I was able to choose my frames whilst drinking tea in my kitchen and guided by a knowledgeable professional. Love my Nicole Farhi glasses and have received many compliments. Thank you for a great service."

Mrs Lucy Savva, February 2015


"Very pleased with my new varifocal transitions glasses. Was happy that I could reuse my own frame which I like very much. Other opticians said it could break. After Despina visited me, the glasses were delivered within days. Extremely efficient service and will highly recommend."

Mr Andreas Christodoulou, January 2015


"Despina has been very helpful with choosing my new glasses and gave me thorough information on spectacle lens options, explaining to me all the different reasons why it would be beneficial to have all the different lenses. Despina was extremely pleasant throughout my whole experience and I will definitely be using Optigo in the future."

Miss Fiona Harding, John Harding Salon, September 2014


"I found Despina to be very pleasant, honest about her work and genuine about my purchase. I will definitely recommend this service."

Mrs Anastasia Melanarkitis, August 2014


"I had a wonderful experience with Optigo. I was happy that I was able to have a home visit and that I could choose my prescription sunglasses in my own time. There was a lovely selection of frames and I love the pair I chose. I didn't have much time to play with as I was going on holiday. However and although my lenses were specially ordered from Germany, the Dispensing Optician did everything she could and surprisingly managed to get my sunglasses delivered to me the evening before my holiday. I'll definitely be using Optigo again."

Mrs Maria Adamou, July 2014


"From start to finish, the service I received was well presented and thoroughly explained. I did not at any time feel pressurised to buy glasses in order for Optigo to make a sale. I had my new glasses delivered and fitted at my office within days of ordering. Exceptional service at all times."

Mr Ted Kyprianou, E S P Limited, June 2014


"Thank you Optigo for my new glasses. You knew exactly which ones would suit me. I LOVE them. Best service ever!"

Miss Demi Savva, June 2014


"Very quick and unique service. I saw Despina on Sunday and by Thursday I had my new pair of glasses! Home visits are very convenient for me as I work full time, so it would have meant wearing my broken pair for a couple of weeks!"

Andri, May 2014


"With only a few days to go until my holiday, I realised I had no reading sunglasses. I'd been told by other high street opticians that it would be unlikely to get my reading sunglasses in this very short space of time. I had heard of Optigo so I called to discuss the options. I was kept well informed while the glasses were being made and I was truly amazed when I received a message to say my glasses were ready to be delivered to me. Despina delivered a perfectly fitting pair of sunglasses. Top class, professional service, different from any other. Thank you very much!"

Mrs Maria Anastasi, April 2014


"Being elderly and unable to stand for long I was very happy to hear about this mobile glasses service. After I obtained a copy of my prescription, Optigo did the rest. Despina came equipped with a lovely choice of frames and took her time making sure all the necessary measurements were taken for my new bifocals and that I was happy with my frame choice. Everything was explained clearly and the glasses were delivered and fitted within days. I will highly recommend this service to family and friends. Thank you once again."

Mrs Niove Demetriou, April 2014


"I received a first class personal service from Optigo. A very different way of choosing glasses compared to a high street optician. I am impressed with my new glasses and love the look. My new varifocals are top quality and superbly clear. Will be recommending this mobile glasses service to all my friends and family. Thank you Despina."

Mr Sotos Phanis, March 2014


"I liked the idea that I was able to choose my glasses amongst friends. Despina is very knowledgeable and was able to indentify the type of frames that I like to wear. It was also nice that Despina delivered my glasses personally to me and made sure that they were a comfortable fit. I would definitely recommend Optigo."

Mrs Anastasia Turner, March 2014


"Firstly I'd like to thank Optigo for providing such an efficient service. I had no clue about glasses since I'd never had to wear them. The time came when I needed my first pair of glasses and when Optigo was recommended to me, it took me little time to work out why. Running a very busy garage means I don't always have much time. Once I got a copy of my prescription, I called Optigo to do the rest. It was fantastic. I was able to choose my glasses while enjoying a cup of tea on my sofa. My family were also present and approved of my choice with Despina's expert help. It was like having a crash course in the world of glasses. Everything was clearly explained to me. I've bought 2 pairs of glasses from Optigo and I'm particularly impressed with my varifocals. The clarity in my vision is superb and the quality of the glasses can be felt. Both pairs of glasses were personally delivered to me at my garage and I could start using them right away without any issues. Thank you once again. Highly recommended."

Mr Andy Savva, Brunswick Garage, January 2014


"Privileged to have met such a knowledgeable lady with a fantastic range of glasses and the idea of a mobile service is brilliant. Despina visited my shop on numerous occasions. I was so happy with my first pair of glasses and received many compliments from my customers that I decided to go ahead and purchase 2 more pairs. All 3 were personally delivered and fitted for me in good time, which meant I didn't have to leave my busy shop. I was most impressed when Despina was also able to find me a set of special magnifiers to clip over my reading glasses which makes seeing fine detail on jewellery even better. This was something I had repeatedly enquired about with other opticians but no one could supply me with what I was looking for. Optigo is truly an expert service for glasses. Thank you!"

Mr Costas Stavrou, Cos of London Goldsmiths, November 2013